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NFL Betting on the National Football League is a very popular online betting sport both Internationally and also within Australia. There are many different ways to bet on the NFL NFL, we list these below.

With so many different NFL betting features, you'd be mad not to get yourself an account and start lay a few bets today.

Sport Bet Australia list the latest sport betting odds, from all the major Australian sports book makers.

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By featuring the latest NFL game information, Sport bet Australia guarantee you the best odds. Sometimes you might need to sign-up for an extra sport betting account, but it's well worth it with different odds between bookmakers.

Current Events for NFL: 2011-12 NFL Futures

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  • Winner - Superbowl XLIV
  • AFC Conference Winner
  • NFC Conference Winner
  • AFC East Winner
  • AFC West Winner
  • AFC North Winner
  • AFC South Winner
  • NFC East Winner
  • NFC West Winner
  • NCF North Winner
  • NFC South Winner

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